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Is Pandabuy Safe

Yes. Pandabuy is safe to use for all your shipping needs. Pandabuy is used by over a million people worldwide! They provide some of the best customer service with reference photos and returns before having your haul shipped.

How Are The Shipping Times

Shipping times can depend on what shipping line you are using. Typically when I order a haul using Canada PD-Line shipping is about 8 days! But this can vary based on your location and shipping carrier. 

Are The Reps High Quality

Most reps you will find on panda buy will be high quality. Using products found on our site will help ensure all your hauls only have the most high quality reps. Also be sure to check the reference photos found on the panda buy website before ordering.

Will My Haul Get Seized

There is a 99.9% chance your haul will not get seized. I have never had a haul seized nor have I known anyone who has actually gotten their haul seized. If you avoid electronic products and watches in your hauls they will be even more safe.