Protect Your Orders With Our Pandabuy Insurance

-Protect your hauls from being seized

-100% coverage on hauls (including shipping)

-Must have insurance before the order has shipped

-No value limit from hauls


Insurance is $9.99/Month

Protect Your Hauls From Being Seized

With the rising rate of packages being seized in the replica community, you can order with ease knowing your purchase is completely protected with our Pandabuy Insurance.

100% Coverage On Hauls (Including Shipping)

With our insurance you will receive 100% of the cost of your order including all shipping costs. Knowing you’re 100% covered allows you to keep placing orders without wondering when you’re gonna lose one. 

You Must Have Insurance Before Order Has Shipped

To help reduce the amount of fraudulent claims, all claims with orders placed before subscription has been activated will be denied. As soon as your payment has gone through your account will be updated and you can shop with ease. 

No Value limit

Our insurance will cover the entire cost of the order no matter if it was a $100 order or $1000 order, you can order as much as you like without any disadvantages. 

How To Submit A Claim

If you have had your order lost by shipping carrier or seized by customs you may submit a claim by sending an email to Claims@pandabuyproducts.com

Please Include The Following Information:

-Name and Address 

-Tracking Information & shipping line used

-Any messages from carrier

-Any Messages from Pandabuy

-Order Number

-Screenshot of entire order from pandabuy website

-List of everything in the order 

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