Pandabuy Discount Code

pandabuy discount code

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How To Use Pandabuy Coupon Codes

Using your discount code for pandabuy is easy, during the checkout process you are able to enter a coupon code for pandabuy shipping costs.

pandabuy discount code

Pandabuy Coupon Code: PBProducts

This code has unlimited uses and is useable by anyone. This code offers a 5% discount on shipping costs from pandabuy These coupons do not work on the costs of the goods you are shipping, only the shipping costs.

This is because pandabuy is a shipping agent and does not have control over the price of items. There are rare instances of times when suppliers of products to pandabuy have offered some discounts on items.

If you don’t have an account on pandabuy you can click the link below and sign up for one there. Through Pandabuy you are able to shop for items from china with easy communication, shipping and quality assurance.

Signing up through our link alone isn’t enough to get the pandabuy discount, you must enter the code in as well. Use the code: PBProducts

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