PandaBuy Raid – April 21st Update

Pandabuy raid

By now as most of you know Pandabuy was raided by authorities. Due to this they are currently not accepting orders or shipping out any orders. As of April 21st the workers are back in the warehouses sorting through remaining items. In the next couple of adays we should hear an announcement from PandaBuy letting users now if there items are there and how to get them shipped or refunded.

What we know:

The replica market will likely stay affected by this for some time to come. Many of the popular sellers on their platform will not return due to legal issues they are encountering. Below we will take a look at some commonly asked questions.

My order has shipped, will it arrive as normal?

If your order was already shipped out and your tracking information shows the shipping agent has received your package you will be okay! There has been some cases in which the shipping agent was instructed to return the package to sender but this is a very small amount and your tracking information would reflect that.

If your package shows shipped but your tracking information says waiting to receive package, your likely not going to receive that package and will instead be refunded from Pandabuy. This make take some time to be rectified.

Can I ship out the products in the warehouse?

As of right now you are unable to ship out anything you have stored in the warehouse. Until we get a more detailed update from PandaBuy we are unsure if all products are still in the warehouse or if authorities have taken everything.

As of April 21st the workers are back in the warehouse sorting through what is there and will be able to ship out items or refund within the next couple of days.

When will I be able to place an order?

As of right now there is no set date as to when or if PandaBuy will start accepting orders again. Workers were set to come back to work today (April 18th). This does not mean they plan on accepting orders anytime soon. You can find a good alternative for Pandabuy here.

Is this an exit scam by PandaBuy?

We see a lot of rumors stating this could be an exit scam, we do not believe this to be the case. As one of the biggest agents in their space it wouldn’t make sense to scam all the users on their platform while it is at its peak. They have had workers responding to questions in the PandaBuy discord actively ensuring users to just give it some more time and things will slowly recover.