PandaBuy Haul #1

My best Pandabuy haul yet!

I have received my second PandaBuy haul today. This one weighs in at 2.3kg and only took 4 business days shipping via Canada PD Line.

This is a smaller package and contains 3 long sleeve shirts, a hoodie and a hat. I will add links to all the items below, they can also be found on our site along with many other products!

pandabuy haul packaged

The first item I opened was a Stone Island hat, this feels like good quality and fits nice. For the price this is a great buy but I would size up!

The next 3 items in the pandabuy haul are long sleeve shirts. The first one is stone island, it’s a lot lighter of a material than I expected but it’s still nice and comfy. These Stone Island products are really high quality and I would recommend them.  

The next two are Off White and both are the same quality although from different sellers. I’ll add the links to both below and each seller also offers a wide variety of other colors and styles. These fit true to size.

Last is the Fear Of God Essentials hoodie. This is amazing quality as with other FOG products I’ve got from this seller. I would highly recommend checking them out!

Over this haul turned out great! Shipping was only $40usd as there was no heavy shoes. The total cost of this haul was around $150usd if i remember correctly. I think the quality of what I got was amazing for this price!  



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